TOTO Ultramax Elongated Sanagloss Toilet Review

Choose a toilet that adds some luxury and comfort to your bathroom. The Toto Ultramax elongated one-piece elongated toilet with a soft Close seat is such a toilet. Am not alone in this opinion, a multitude of reviewers all over has the same high regard for this toilet. If you want a toilet that you can use at the dead of the night and not wake up people, TOTO Ultramax is the toilet for you.


I never find myself flushing twice while using this toilet and none of my family members has either.  The Ultramax elongated sanagloss is a long lasting solution to the recurrence issues in your bathroom. After discovering it, I have since been working on replacing all my existing toilet installations with it.

TOTO Ultramax Elongated sanagloss toilet is a friendly toilet as you will see not much later. It is friendly in all of its aspects. For those aspects that call for being outstanding, this toilet is more than outstanding. What are you waiting for my friend? Get a piece, and it will give you peace.

Sanagloss material

The manufacturer uses a fine SanaGloss coating finish that prevents waste, mold, and bacteria from sticking to the porous, ceramic surfaces.  This finish thus ensures that the bowls remain sparkling clean all of the time, calling for minimum brushing due to the combination of sanagloss and the double cyclone rinse, meaning fewer chemicals in the environment and it uses less water in cleaning.

Excellent flushing system

The toilet uses gravity-flow flushing system and has a large 3’’ flush valve which allows the 1.28 gallons to flush into the bowl. The 1.28 gallons drops through the 3’’ flush valve and is goes in three directions. One is through a large siphon at the bottom of the bowl, and the other two are through the nozzles with perfect positioning under the rim of the bowl. These two double cyclone nozzles use water more efficiently than numerous small rim holes.

Elongated bowl and compliant height

The toilet has a standard bowl height, a unique feature that makes it resourceful for people with disabilities as well. It has a comfortable sitting position, and one does not need to squat down as far to sit, but one can stand back up.

Highly efficient

Ultramax is a 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) which qualifies it to be a high Effective Toilet. Thus it conserves more water than the current industry standard of 1.6 gallons per flush. After one flush, it refills quickly and quietly after about within ten seconds.

The toilet seat and the cover use a hinge mechanism that causes them to close softly without noise after tapping them downward with less effort. The soft close is an interesting feature especially if you have kids who slam the toilet seat down.

Large Trap way that is glazed

This toilet design is in such a way that it has a large trap way of diameter 2-1/8’’, large enough to allow more waste to exit the bowl. The trap way has a glaze fitting whose core function is to prevent waste from clinging to the trap way and cause any blockage and also makes for easy cleaning.

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  • Conserves water
  • Great flusher; due to the large valve diameter
  • Does not clog
  • Seat is very comfortable
  • Comfortable seat
  • Reasonably easy to install
  • Components are well made
  • Flushes very quietly and refills quickly and quietly
  • It comes complete, with a seat
  • It is easy to clean


  • Might challenge person of shorter stature, they may find the toilet to be too high off the ground and uncomfortable
  • It is heavy because it is one piece

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the trapway a computer design?

A: Yes, the manufacturer will do no settle for less but the perfect design.

Q: What is the exact measurement of the flush valve?

A: The flush valve measure 3”, large than the existing 2” valves

Q: Many people say it is a heavy toilet, is that true?

A: At 101.9 pounds, yes. It is of no much significance as the only time you will feel the weight is before installation, after that it does not matter.

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Final Verdict

TOTO UltraMax is a product of choice. It best suits user needs and its maintenance costs are very minimal. This type of toilet is an essential thing to people living in tight quarters where services such as water are expensive.

The product has huge public demand at Amazon with most customer reviews giving it a 5-star rating.

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