Toto Ultimate One Piece Elongated Toilet Review

When it comes to Toto ultimate one-piece elongated toilet, well, you have got the product you always wish to own. Its a toilet that stays looking clean and new for as long as you carry the routine cleaning exercises without fail. It has many features all of which ensure that it is one of the best toilets that you will ever own.


Toto ultimate one piece is a toilet that aces others of its class. The technology and mechanics put behind its construction is amazing. When in the bathroom you will get a classy feel. It assures cleanliness after and before use. Overall, though we will look into these features below here, it looks beautiful and functions great.

Water saving feature

As the water level continues to sink, water conservation is being a global concern. Toilets account nearly 30% of an average home indoor water use. It is possible to reduce this amount of water by doing a wiser buying-purchasing Toto ultimate one piece elongated toilet which uses power gravity flush technology. This feature proves to be very economical especially to a larger family.

Toilet installation

Installing or replacing a toilet can be tricky. Toto ultimate one-piece elongated toilet is usually floor mounted and easy to install, little expertise knowledge needed, and thereby it does not bother the buyer in spending extra money to hire a plumber. The flapper and the fill valve come already pre-assembled, and this reduces installation time and also ensures that you have the correct toilet parts, saving you from return visits to the store to buy or exchange parts.

Easy to clean

This product is very smooth, glossy and porcelain made. Also, it is a one-piece toilet, meaning that the bowl and the tank are fuse into one compact unit. One piece toilets are easy to clean than two piece toilets. One piece construction saves you time in cleaning and also cut down expenses on toilet cleaning detergents. The TOTO ultimate one piece elongated toilet a powerful, quick flush whose force is essential in cleaning stains after use.

Best performance with Few malfunctions

This product leaves the bowl clean and carries water faster down the bowl drainpipe due to its powerful gravity flush technology, and in this sense, there are fewer likelihoods of clogs. They flush more quietly. This product has earned itself 5-star rating at Amazon, a true indication that it offers an excellent service to users.

Space considerations

Space is an important factor to consider in any construction and installation work. A great concern will be choosing a type of toilet that will economize on bathroom space. Human population is rising, and people are living in tight quarters. Before you go ahead to purchase a toilet, first need to measure the space you are going to fit the toilet. Toto ultimate one piece elongated toilet whose dimension is 28*17*28 is small to economize on your limited bathroom floor space.

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  • Powerful, Fast flush; flush valve better than the conventional flush valve
  • The ultimate suite, ranging from cotton, bone, colonial white and Sedona beige that brings harmony, matching with the standard white porcelain tubs and sinks
  • Uses water efficiently
  • Small installation space
  • Easy to install; the flapper and the fill valve comes already pre-assembled
  • It is light
  • Five-year limited warranty included with your purchase
  • Easy to find parts and make repairs
  • Flushes quietly


  • Bit one piece toilet. They are relatively more expensive than two piece types.
  • The bowl height can be cumbersome to use especially for tall people

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Between a one piece and a two piece, which toilet type is easy to clean?

A: One piece is much easier

Q: Where can I find this product?

A: You will be finding this toilet from all the major retailers

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Final Verdict

This product suits customers needs and specifications. It has high performance, and the manufacturer couples the performance with gravity flush technology making it efficient in saving resources; water in cleaning and flushing, the time I need to clean and expenses on cleaning detergents. At Amazon, the product fetches a 5-star rating, meaning that it is a good product. I will be using for the rest of my life.

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