TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet Review

They say that when you have something pressuring you, don’t hold it back. True because once you hold it back; it can be real troublesome for you. I mean I just have to share this with you.

I will be frank with you that I never hold back anymore with the TOTO CST744SL drake 2 an awesome installation in my small room as we call it back home. With a blend of functionality and performance, the drake 2 is a beauty. It doesn’t disappoint me.

It will provide unmatched performance, durability and reliability so don’t hesitate to get it and replace your old leaking one. Come to think of that picture that sticks in your mind, making you hate that room because it’s a mess. Too much leaking, excessive water consumption, and energy loss- well you can totally forget that and turn on a new TOTO leaf literally by getting yourself and your family one of this drake 2 by TOTO.

Get it as a present for them, and maybe you will have it even wrapped as a gift. I did that, and I enjoy the satisfaction I get when everyone is content in there. You could as well live like a king as I do.

G-max flushing system

This flushing system includes the cistern and the connecting pipes. Flush toilets are known to consume a lot of water volumes but with the CST744SL that is not a worry. It is a low consumption toilet and still efficient to the core. Hit the handle, and you will be astonished by the flushing power the Drake 2 has.

Universal height

Many times we the tall guys complain about short doors that keep on hitting our heads before we get used to them or too low toilets. If there is anything to complain about in my house, then it is not this toilet. With the universal height, anyone will use the toilet comfortably. The seat is 19″ in height when closed and 18″ to the seat with the lid up.

Easy installation

Once you are home after the purchase, you will install this toilet quicker than your favorite meal will take to get cooked. All the hardware and valving won’t be a problem at all. The only thing that will differ for most people is the space for the toilet, but it fits well and easily on your space I am sure.

Easy clean

A toilet can boast being used several times in a day and even night but not as much as being washed. No problem the Drake 2 piece seems to say. The toilet stays very clean even after prolonged use and does not form a film on its walls. One piece construction makes it’s cleaning easy and fast.

Quick refill

I want to assure you that whichever your water source for the toilet use is, it refills quickly. It flushes quickly but also refills fairly quietly and quickly, so you will not keep another person waiting in there waiting for it to refill so as to flush again after your first flush.

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  • Elongated make
  • Stylish
  • Universal height
  • Refills quietly and quickly
  • Stays clean and easy cleaning
  • Comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Low consumption
  • One year limited warranty


  • Tank top does not fit completely

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this toilet have self-cleaning component Sana gloss?

A: No, check the TOTO website the models can be sometimes confusing.

Q: What is the actual toilet measurement?

A: The Toto Drake spec sheet states that the toilet is 30.5″ tall from floor to the top of the tank,  28″ from the back of the tank to the front of the bowl, 14″ is the width of the bowl, and 19.5.” is the width of the reservoir.

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Final Words

Have you ever seen how someone looking for a washroom is usually shaky and all over? Yes, I know you have, and that is not the best feeling ever. A toilet is a very important facility anywhere, but the best toilet is one that you walk out smiling to yourself, feeling better. That toilet that fits this description is this CST744SL #01 Drake two piece by TOTO because it’s the next thing you are buying after reading this. Get that unrivaled drake 2.

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