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Kohler Wellworth Classic Review

With no doubt, everybody requires a good toilet at home. There are so many basics that you have to consider when looking for the best toilet. There are also many brands to choose from each with different features. When it comes to home improvement items, Kohler still stands as mu number one brand. Not only […]

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Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Review 2018

Nothing appeals to the eye like a clean toilet. A clean toilet, a clan household hence a healthy environment. This being said a toilet is a very important tool for both homes and business premises. With the modern technology, Modern toilets come with modern flushing technology, water saving technology, affordable prices as well as unique […]

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KOHLER Cimarron Comfort Eight Elongated Review 2018

New toilet models being introduced have many advanced features that are clearly a game changer for the toilet industry. KOHLER Cimarron Comfort Eight Elongated is a great piece of innovation with plenty of impressive qualities. It is a classic two-piece style that blends well with both traditional and contemporary décor. It is a much better […]

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CleanWaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet Review 2018

Thanks goodness, now we have plenty of portable toilets in the market to choose from. I have come across some amazing models with plenty of impressive features. Some people wonder what portable toilets are for, but wait until you travel to remote areas. That is when you will realize the importance these products.     […]

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