Kohler Wellworth Classic Review

With no doubt, everybody requires a good toilet at home. There are so many basics that you have to consider when looking for the best toilet. There are also many brands to choose from each with different features.

When it comes to home improvement items, Kohler still stands as mu number one brand. Not only have I had an encounter with their incredible showerheads, faucets, and other things but also their quality toilets.


I installed the Kohler Wellworth Classic in my new bathroom and so far so good the toilet works well. Everything about it impresses me, and that is why I wanted to share my experience with you so that if you are stuck and do not know the right type of toilet to install in your bathroom, you can try the Kohler Wellworth Classic.

Flushing Performance

If you have used toilets with a poor flushing performance, you know how annoying they can be. You can upgrade your poor performing model with the Kohler Wellworth toilet that utilizes class Five flushing technology to provide you with an incredible flushing performance. The toilet offers you a leak-free performance, strong flushing, and a better rinsing after use. This leaves your toilet ever looking clean all the time.

Water efficient

In most homes in the United States, toilets consume up to 30 percent of water in the household. If you have a model that is not water efficient, you can end up paying huge water bills which can be expensive in the long run. This high water efficiency toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush which is very economical. No water is wastage, so you will not end up paying for high water bills.

Canister flush valve

One of the major problems that you will find on most of the toilets is deterioration and warping. To prevent this from happening, the toilet utilizes a canister valve that boosts the flushing performance. You end up achieving a smooth performance and a consistent water usage.

Easy Installation

Some toilets can be difficult to install, but when it comes to the Kohler Wellworth, things are a bit simpler. The two-piece design of the toilet gives room for easy installation. You do not need expert knowledge or tools to install the toilet.

Round Front Ball

If you are searching for the best toilet to install in a smaller bath, this model is the right way to go. Its round front bowl makes it a perfect choice for small baths and powder rooms because it doesn’t take much space.

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  • The toilet is water efficient
  • It has a smooth and powerful flushing system
  • It is perfect for smaller baths and powder rooms
  • Designed with innovative technology that ensures of flush cleanliness
  • It is easy to install


  • It doesn’t come with a toilet seat, so you need to buy separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I wanted to find out if the toilet comes with a seat and lid? Anybody who has used this toilet?

A: I purchased this toilet sometimes back, and I love its overall performance. However, it doesn’t come with a toilet seat and lid.

Q: With regards to the flushing system, does this toilet provide a powerful flushing?

A: The flushing system of the toilet is incredible. It has a strong yet very quiet flushing system, and I’m pleased with it.

Q: Does the toilet consume a lot of water? I have heard a previous toilet that caused me to pay huge water bills. I’m considering an upgrade.

A: This toilet saves a lot of water. You will end up experiencing a reduction in the amount of water bills that you pay. Just give it a try.

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Final Words

From the review, you can tell that the toilet is a perfect selection for people who want an affordable toilet without compromising on the quality.

I can assure you that the performance of the Kohler Wellworth Classic is far much better than other expensive models that I have used. You need to give it a try, and you will be a happy customer. Starting from top quality construction, flushing performance, ease of cleaning and other positive things, there is nothing that should prevent you from getting this toilet.

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