Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Review 2018

Nothing appeals to the eye like a clean toilet. A clean toilet, a clan household hence a healthy environment. This being said a toilet is a very important tool for both homes and business premises. With the modern technology, Modern toilets come with modern flushing technology, water saving technology, affordable prices as well as unique designs and color.


So what crosses your mind when contemplating on what kind of toilet to buy? As for me, it all depends on the ease of maintenance and cleaning, a toilet that does not clog now and then its effectiveness of the flushing system and I also consider the technology that comes along with it.

Having been recommended for the Kohler Santa Rosa, I have never looked back. It is the kind of toilet that you will never regret having in your homes .despite its comfortable height , its comes with a very effective flushing system, of a durable material, its design fit even for the smallest bathroom space as well as attractive colors.

It is a very easy to maintain kind of toilet hence cleaning becomes very easy. Ever since I purchased the Kohler Santa Rosa, it has saved me the embarrassment of clogging unlike the other kind of toilets I had used earlier on.

This is because its powerful flushing system is designed to flush even the hardest kind of solid waste. It has helped me save money on water bills due to its water saving ability.

Its Effective Flushing System

Despite its water saving power, the Kohler flushing system allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides which increase its flushing effectiveness leaving the toilet clean and prevents clogging. Its Flush has a no touch sensor inside the tank, and this senses your hand hence causing the toilet to flush.

Durable Canister Material

The toilet comes in a ceramic material. The canister material being durable lasts for long hence maintain the toilets beauty and texture for quite a long time. Its material does not chip easily as it is also strong.

Its Space Saving Design

When it comes to your bathroom space, there is no need to worry with the Kohler toilet. This is because the Kohler toilet comes in a compact design which can fit in any bathroom space. Its elongated shape ensures it does not take up much space hence can be recommended for any household

Comfortable Height

The toilet has a comfortable height for all kind of adults, and this makes sitting down and standing up easier. Even with knee injuries the toilet has been proven favorable as well as for the elderly who have a problem sitting down or standing

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  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Effective Auto flushing system
  • Excellent Water saving power
  • Compact design
  • Made with strong and durable material


  • Complaints on poor quality construction

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the flushing system of the toilet produce much noise?

A: As compared to previous toilets that I have used, I find this model relatively quiet. It produces noise but not that irritating noise. It is indeed a great toilet.

Q: For those who have purchased the toilet, does it come with a slow closing lid?

A: I received my toilet a few weeks ago, and it did not come with the slow closing lid.

Q: I bought the seat, and I find the seat uncomfortable. Is there any way I can upgrade to a better seat?

A: Yes, if you find the toilet seat uncomfortable, you can upgrade it with another comfortable seat, and it is pretty easy to replace the seat.

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Final Verdict

With that being said, the Kohler toilet is a great piece of technology with a powerful and auto flushing system, helps you save your water bill, comes in the best and perfect design.

With all these excellent features and having used the toilet, I can confidently recommend it to anyone contemplating on what toilet to purchase.

Ever since I purchased the toilet I have not thought otherwise and as much as it is just a little more expensive as compared to other kinds of toilets, believe you me it’s worth every penny. So for all those confused on what toilet to buy, you already got the answer.

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