Best TOTO Toilets – Guide & Reviews

A Comprehensive Guide to Best TOTO Toilets and Recommendations

Let’s say you are looking for a proper toilet, and you didn’t come across any so far. I’ll advise you to look into the best TOTO Toilets that you find. These toilets are widely popular because of their performances, comfort, design, and water-saving features.

But there are many toilets within the TOTO franchise. They’ve manufactured toilets for everyone, and within the scope of every wallet, you can find.

So, which one of the TOTO Toilet models is the best for you? What features are Best TOTO Toilets laced with? Both of these questions will be answered in this elaborate guide of mine. Let us dive in.

What Features Do the Best TOTO Toilets Have?

Firstly, the best TOTO toilets come with impressive aesthetic designs. Most of these toilets are high-end ones. As with most high-priced toilets, they are designed well and provide a fabulous makeover to your bathroom.

The second notable feature is the seat. Most TOTO toilets (at least the best ones) have luxurious seats. These seats are designed ergonomically to provide comfort to you whenever you use the toilet. Also, these seats are fit to be used by people of all ages and physical conditions.

The toilet bowls of these TOTO Toilets often come coated with SanaGloss. This coating prevents any mildew or harmful bacteria to feast upon your toilet bowl. As an added benefit, toilet bowls remain spotless for a longer period of time.

Another Iconic feature of the Best TOTO Toilets is the flush system. Many of these toilets come with Double Cyclone Flush system or any other technology. These flushing systems ensure that users spend less water and dispose of more of the waste materials.

Manufacturers of the Best TOTO Toilet Models opt for multiple bowl sizes for each one. They come with different options of round toilet bowl or even elongated ones for added comfort. You’ll have no problems in choosing the ideal size for yourselves.

Which are the Best TOTO Toilets Available?

After knowing these traits of the best TOTO toilets, it shouldn’t be hard for you to find the ideal ones for yourselves. However, just to make things a bit easier for you, I’ve racked up few of the top line products among the TOTO Toilet models in this section. Read on!

TOTO MS854114#01 Ultimate Elongated One Piece Toilet

Editor Rating:

Toto MS854114 is the lavish one-piece toilet that you’d want. The elongated toilet features an attractive design. The design is complemented by excellent performance.

Everything from the tank cover, fittings, and even the seat is included in the package for your convenience.

Toto MS854114#01 deserves a special mention in Best Toto Toilet because of the technology it uses in its seat. Economic design, molded bumpers for comfort and a high-impact plastic gives it durability.

The “Soft Close” seat with a hinge will benefit people who don’t want the whole world to know that they are using the bathroom in the middle of the night. It also prevents accidents and finger injuries that are most common in toilets.

Manufacturers have given same impetus on a flush system of this toilet as well. You have 2-inch flush valves and a “Gravity Flush Technology” that guarantees fast flush. You can even upgrade to 3” flush valves if you so choose.


  • Excellent design and performance.
  • The seat is comfortable.
  • This toilet prevents unwanted injuries.
  • Large water surface.
  • Upgradable flush system.


  • No negative sides to report.
TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

Editor Rating:

When you consider Best Toto Toilets for 2-piece design, this one immediately pops into the mind.

Drake series of TOTO competes with Ultramax II of the same franchise to be the best toilet that this franchise has ever produced.

The tank, lid, seat, the fittings, and the trip lever; everything you need to set up the toilet is included in the package. The water pressure remains at a constant 8psi which ADA certified as the standard.

You can count on the comfort of the seat as well. This seat is at “Universal Height.” So, everyone from children to the elderly people can use it. The fact that ADA has certified it means it is even safe for people with disabilities.

As always, the flush system is one you can count on. This Drake 2-piece toilet comes with siphoning water flush. It washes away as much dirt as you through in the bowl. The G-max flush system allows you to save on your water bills with less water and more effective water speed to dispose of the dirt.


  • A stylish; well-designed toilet.
  • Toilet remains glossy and clean for years.
  • Flush works nicely disposing all the waste leaving no trace.
  • Seat is very comfortable.


  • Tank cover might not fit properly.
TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

Editor Rating:

TOTO CST412MF comes with an elongated setup. This setup allows users to be comfortably positioned when using the toilet.

Although it doesn’t feature a seat, you can purchase the seat at an affordable price separately.

The “Dual Flush” system is what takes the attention away. With the chrome push button, you can easily activate the flush. But here’s the trick, you can enable flush twice if you choose to. This guarantees thorough cleaning of the toilet bowl. Yet, it consumes less water than normal flush system toilets.

This elongated toilet comes at a height that anyone can access. It is easy to use both for the children and the elderly people out there. Even the people with physical complications can use this toilet no problems.


  • Design is great; easy to clean and maintain.
  • This is a good option if you live in moderate to low space apartment.
  • The toilet is very much comfortable.
  • Removes 800 grams of solid waste.


  • Not for large people.Expensive toilet.
  • Seat not included and is hard to put together.
TOTO Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank

Editor Rating:

As TOTO Drake toilets go, this one also features a high profile design suitable for medium to large bathrooms.

You have different color options to pick from. This elongated toilet can accommodate people of all ages and types.

The flush here is fast with double cyclone technology. Thanks to the flush valve. This flush valve is 3-inch wide. This is 125% wider than conventional ones that have a 2-inch wide flush valve. It means you’ll have water running down the tank at a considerable speed. With less water, you can dispose of more waste.

The Trap-way is wider than most toilets too. Trap-way is computer designed. So, you can expect maximum output as a performance from this piece every single time. With a large water surface, this toilet guarantees not to spill water onto your body when you use it.


  • The toilet provides more space on the sides.
  • Double Cyclone flush technology for spiral effect.
  • You can replace the tank and the bowl separately if you wish.
  • The toilet saves up to 20% more water than competitors.
  • Comfortable toilet for average people.


  • It proves tough to sit on for larger people.
  • Cleaning it takes time.
TOTO MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone Elongated One Piece Toilet

Editor Rating:

This TOTO Ultramax II Toilet deserves to be on the list of Best Toto Toilets because of a heap of features and benefits.

First of all, the toilet is elongated. You can comfortably sit on this toilet and get up after you are done.

The soft close seat will prevent common accidents like slamming your fingers in the seat door. It is exceptionally quiet. Meaning, people won’t notice or be annoyed when you are using the toilet. The seat is ADA certified. So, individuals with disabilities cam use it no problems.

This one-piece toilet is perfect as it has fewer curves and edges. On top of that, it is protected by SanaGloss glaze. Mildew and other water-borne bacteria won’t be able to infiltrate your beloved bathroom furniture.

The thing that will impress you most is the Double Cyclone Flush System. The flush has two nozzles which spray water onto the bowl with tremendous centrifugal force. This force carries down all the waste you through in your toilet bowl leaving it spotless.

Also, this technique with WaterSense technology ensures that you spare less water while not compromising on flushing speed.


  • Lavish design will improve aesthetics of bathroom.
  • Comfortable toilet for young, old and physically challenged people.
  • Cleaning this toilet is easy.
  • Saves you a lot of water annually.
  • This toilet can be installed easily.


  • Somewhat of a pricey product.

Final Verdict

So, why am I advocating for Best TOTO Toilets? If I were to hand one reason to you, I’d say for the innovation on their part. Over the years the makers have introduced “Water Sense” technology, great flush systems, comfortable seats and even a glossy coating that keeps bacteria and mildew at bay.

Once you install a toilet, you won’t change it for another 2 – 5 years. So, why not opt for the Best TOTO Toilets to choose from? These toilets offer you flexibility regarding features, aesthetics, and budget. So, you won’t be dissatisfied from any perspective.

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