Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners – Guide & Reviews

A toilet bowl cleaner may seem pretty ordinary at first, but it is not. You will need the best toilet bowl cleaner for your toilet bowl or else you can suffer from skin burns, stink problems and even environmental hazards.

Alarmed yet? You should be. Toilet bowl cleaners often deal with the stains, bacteria and harmful chemicals on the bowls. So, they should be carefully chosen to fit our bills and necessities.

This little article will help you decide the ideal cleaner for your toilet bowl. I’ve gone a step further to recommend you few of the cleaners that are the best at what they do in the latter part of the article. So, have a good read on this article.

How to Find the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner?

It is not quite difficult for you to find the right bowl cleaner once you know which factors to look for in your toilet bowl cleaner. Without further chit-chat, let us dive into the core of the discussion here.

Pay close attention to what the cleaners are made of. Some materials might cause your hands to burn and the toilet bowl to lose its shine over the years. Buy something which is made from natural ingredients.

We should always look into the “Environment-friendly” nature of the ingredients used in a toilet bowl cleaner. Environment-friendly nature of the elements will help the cleaner to be dissolved harmlessly when it comes into contact with the soil or any dumping place. You should choose a cleaner with a recyclable container that you can dispose of safely after using.

The most essential thing that makes best toilet bowl cleaner is the ability of discarding waste. Always choose the toilet bowl cleaner which discards a considerable amount of waste to clean the bowl.

Make a choice between automatic and manual toilet bowl cleaners. Automatic toilet bowl cleaners need you only to drop them inside the tank and nothing else. The cleaner will do its job on its own.

I always advocate for toilet cleaners which have the strongest and most pleasant odors. The fragrance helps to get rid of waste and stinky smell that your toilet has once you clean it.

Which are the contenders for “Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner”?

Now that I’ve discussed what things you should keep in mind while selecting one, it is time for you to research on various products. You should come up with many products that meet your criteria.

But it is and will be time-consuming. Just to make your task a bit easier, here are my recommendations on Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner for you. Take a look.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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The main problem of choosing a toilet bowl cleaner is that we have to deal with abrasiveness.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner is non-abrasive and friendly to the toilet bowl as it doesn’t scratch the surface like most of the cleaners do.

It has an amazing formula that can slice through every speck of dirt without much of a fuss. That makes it economical toilet cleaner. I didn’t have to use any more than a few ounces of Clorox Toilet bowl cleaner to cover the entire bowl. It saved me a considerable quantity and money in the long run.

The main trick lies in the nozzle of Clorox. It gives better coverage being an angled one. The cleaner is thicker than other brands. So, it reaches to the toughest corners of your toilet bowl and delivers thorough cleaning.

In addition to all that, the toilet bowl cleaner has bleach in it. This allows you to clean your toilet better making with white and bright.


  • The ingredients ensure better cleaning.
  • Comes at 12-pack kit; you won’t have to buy this thing frequently.
  • Bleach ensures a better looking toilet.
  • Toilet bowl smells great after cleaning.


  • The cap could have been designed in a better way.
Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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This is as the name suggests. Lysol No Mess Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner has a nice smell that deodorizes your toilet bowl.

The thing is, it is automatic. Meaning, you won’t have to spray the liquid every time you want to clean your toilet. Plus, there won’t be pungent smell coming from inside your toilet bowl.

You just need to hang the toilet bowl cleaner inside your toilet bowl and it will do the rest. Then just flush every time you use the toilet. As simple as that. Lysol will coat your toilet with the cleaning agent and then leave you with a nice aroma and a clean toilet.

This thing is anti-microbial. So, you won’t have the risk of bacteria spreading and causing you all those nasty diseases. Just to sweeten the deal even more, Lysol Automatic Toilet Bowl cleaner is septic safe. Your water tank won’t be harmed.


  • An affordable cleaner.
  • Anti-microbial feature saves you from diseases.
  • No physical work needed to clean the bowl.
  • Toilet bowl smells nice after cleaning.


  • The smell of the chemical can be outrageous for few customers.
Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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Since we are discussing automatic toilet bowl cleaners, Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner has to be a prime contender for best toilet bowl cleaner spot.

This product will keep Salmonella, E-coli, Strep or Staph at bay for as long as three months.

It is basically a tablet that acts with each flushing you do. It disinfects water within 5 minutes. Afterward, you are left with a scintillating lemon-like smell that will keep your toilet and bathroom rejuvenated.

It is super easy to use too. You just need to drop the tablet inside the water tank and you are done. Each tablet is laced with bleach. So, using this tablet will also brighten and whiten your toilet bowl. And yes, these are “Septic Safe” too. So, your septic tank won’t be contaminated or harmed in any other way.


  • Easy to use and convenient.
  • Cleans the bowl efficiently.
  • No rings will form in toilet bowls.
  • Cuts through hard minerals and tough stains.


  • It might not last up to 4 months if you do more than two flushes.
  • Some reviewers had problems with the rubber parts of their toilets; they were degrading slowly.
Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner

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When it comes to the best toilet bowl cleaner, Lysol stands high with various options it has. Lysol has a thick formula that ensures you have the means to clean toughest of stains and dirt in your toilet bowl.

In fact, this toilet bowl cleaner cleans 99.99% of harmful waste and bacteria every time you flush.

Uniquely, Lysol Clean & Fresh Toilet Bowl Cleaner disinfects the water for Salmonella, Staph, Strep, and E-coli. While cleaning, this disinfectant doesn’t harm your septic tank or plumbing equipment one bit. Also, Lysol cleans above the water line as well as under the line efficiently.

If your toilet has "Difficult to Reach" curves that you need to take care of, Lysol Clean and Fresh has an angled spout. It reaches the complex areas around your toilet bowl in the first try. To make things even better for you, this disinfectant has a floral scent that will keep your bathroom fresh for hours.


  • Has a thick fluid that cuts through dirt easily.
  • The toilet smells refreshing after cleaning.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cleans both over and under the water line.


  • Not an ecologically friendly product.
Natural HomeLogic Eco Friendly Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Editor Rating:

This  Natural toilet bowl cleaner is the last one in my list of Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recommendations.

The USP of this disinfectant is that it is environment-friendly. The thick formula of HomeLogic is entirely free of fumes.

As we all know, chlorine is hard on our toilet bowls. That is why manufacturers kept this product “Chlorine Free.” Additionally, Natural HomeLogic doesn’t have bleach in it. So, you won’t have this disgusting smell that bleach-laced cleaners sometimes produce.

They kept this product sulfate-free as well. So, your pipes or tanks won’t be harmed by Natural HomeLogic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

The flavor it leaves behind is Jasmine mist. However, you can also purchase the one with a grapefruit scent. Using this toilet bowl cleaner is really easy, and it doesn’t cause any reactions with your hands either.


  • Made without the harmful chemicals.
  • Cleans the toilet bowl well.
  • The cleaner is affordable.
  • Uses plant and minerals when produced.
  • It is a therapeutic, natural and detoxifying cleaner.


  • The effect doesn’t last for long.

Final Verdict

Toilet cleaners are often neglected when we plan a clean bathroom for our house. People often think any one product will do. That is hardly the case. But on the other hand, any one brand won’t be the best for all of us.

We need to think about our toilet size, frequency of bathroom use, the environmental connection and the safety of our family against bacteria and chemical waste.

With all these into consideration, I think the suggested toilet cleaners will make perfect choices for our households, hotels, and restrooms.

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