Best Portable Toilets – Guide & Reviews

Going on a camping trip? Have you packed all the essentials you need? Now, the answer to the second question is a bit tough. We all have our list of “Essentials” when leaving for a recreational trip such as camping.

While many include portable toilets in their list of “Essentials,” others simply struggle to think of the best portable toilet to take with them.

The Best Portable Toilet candidates should be inexpensive. Saying that, these should not compromise on the hygiene issue as well.

As these toilets are commonly used during camping trips, traveling and during vacations in the wilderness, we need to find just the right one for our needs.

That is where this article comes in. I’ve put together a list of factors which will help you in choosing the best possible portable toilet. In the latter part, I’ve provided my own shortlist of such toilets just to get your research started. So, read on.

How to Select the Best Portable Toilet?

Picking the ideal toilet from a pile of portable toilets available is like finding a needle from within 10 haystacks. Yes, it is a task demanding careful consideration. As a part of this guide, let me tell you about 5 things you need to look at while selecting best portable toilet for your recreational trips.

The total volume of your portable toilet comes first. You wouldn’t want your toilet to give in while you are out enjoying your weekend vacation trip. That is why you need to consider buying a tank with a considerable “Waste and water tank volumes” just to be prepared.

Look into the fact of the flush system. Times you can flush with a full water tank needs to be considered too.

Decide the total size of your toilet. Whether you are using a “Bag Disposal Type” or a “Flush Toilet,” the size of it matters. You wouldn’t want a toilet that is either too big or too small to be carried in a car or RV compared to the available space.

Consider your privacy level while using such toilets. Does your toilet come with a privacy shelter if you need any? Think about the nature of your tours and then decide.

You need to look into the waste disposal methods as well. How would you like to empty your portable toilet? Do you feel comfortable with ones that have waste tanks or simply those which come with biodegradable bags for waste?

Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. Carefully consider to find out what would be the best portable toilet for you.

Lastly, look into the fact of ease of use while selecting the best portable toilets. Usually, you’d want toilets that are quick to setup and use when needed. After using, you should be able to store the toilets away quickly as well.

What are My Options while Selecting the Best Portable Toilet?

Even with all the factors I mentioned, finding the ideal toilet is easier said than done. It requires research. So, why not start from here? Below you’ll find a shortlist of 5 portable toilets that I found feature-laced and beneficial for use.

Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet

Editor Rating:

Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet is a sturdy one with Polyethylene body. Due to the material, this portable toilet became a lightweight one with just 11.5lbs when there’s nothing in it.

And yes, it is easy to clean, and you can empty it just as easily.

The flush tank is another interesting feature that caught my eye. The seat and the bowl complete the flush tank. It has a holding capacity of 3lbs. Concerning the size and weight of the unit, the capacity is surely a bonus.

With this flush tank, you have “Below Type Pump.” This pump facilitates quick flush and does so without much of noise.

The capacity of holding waste for Leopard Outdoor Portable Toilet is 5.3lbs. Don’t worry about the odor. There are a sliding valve and a watertight seal that guard against escaping odor and waste leakage.

Emptying and refilling this tank is easy. Just open the cap behind the flush tank to refill water. And to empty the waste, you should open the cap behind the waste tank. Transporting this tank is easy too as there is a handle at the side.


  • Comes with a sturdy construction.
  • Clever compartmentalization works well for the toilet.
  • Lightweight toilet; easy to carry around.
  • It gives a 10/10 performance every time.


  • Nothing to report after 5 months of using this toilet.
Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet

Editor Rating:

If you want to setup your toilet quick and start using, this is the best portable toilet you can ask for.

Just lock three legs of this toilet and it will be set up for use in seconds! And no, you don’t need to assemble anything else.

Cleanwaste Go Anywhere Portable Toilet is strongly built. People won’t believe it, but this portable unit supports 500lbs of weight. So, yes, this is a perfect toilet those who weigh just a little bit more than the normal people.

Even when you are using it in a rough area, the 3-legs I spoke of will provide you a strong support. Plus, there is a removable cover that doubles the strength of this portable toilet.

Despite being portable, the manufacturers made it as a comfortable toilet. You won’t be able to contrast between this and a stationary toilet. Why? Because the seat and the toilet bowl have standard toilet dimensions. Just what an average bathroom toilet would have.

There is a waste-bag-kit included in the package. A Mesh holder (which is removable by the way) holds the waste kit together. The bag comes with a powder which turns your waste (even those that are partly liquid) in odorless and solid substances.

This portable toilet turns into a briefcase when you are not using it. Also, there is a carry handle for you to grab the toilet efficiently.


  • Portable toilet; folds into a briefcase.
  • A waste-kit is included that deodorizes waste.
  • The powder used in the waste kit is eco-friendly.
  • Strong construction; perfect for large people.


  • Heavy unit.
  • Seat is too low for some people.
Camping Toilet by Zimmer - 5 Gallon Portable Toilet

Editor Rating:

This Camping portable toilet from Zimmer is perfect when you are going on a camping trip. This comes with “One Piece” tank. Travelers won’t need to assemble it as it comes pre-assembled.

All you need to do is to use this. The portable toilet is made of Polyethylene and is super sturdy.

The tank is detachable. It is usually firmly secured with the toilet using side latches. It prevents any leakage or odor from escaping.

The tank can hold 3 gallons of fresh water. The waste tank can hold 5 gallons of liquid waste at the most. The “Below Type” flush system makes flush quiet and comfortable.

This toilet features a sturdy seat and an excellent scratch-resistant design. The seat will give you the feel of your own bathroom outdoors. Perfect construction for withstanding rugged and uneven terrains.


  • Sturdy, scratch resistant construction.
  • Fit for the most demanding terrains.
  • 5 gallon waste water holding capacity.
  • Below type flush for quiet operations.


  • Few reviewers complained about latches breaking.
Camping Hiking Dual Spray Jets Travel Outdoor Portable Toilet

Editor Rating:

As we move further down on our Best Portable Toilet List, Camping Hiking Outdoor Portable Toilet is an excellent addition for several reasons.

Firstly, it can support 440lbs of weight thanks to the sturdy construction. Polyethylene construction makes it one of the sturdiest portable toilets around.

The signature move for the manufacturers is to put the waste tank and water tank together with 2 side latches. The water tank is entirely leak-proof. It can be detached and refilled whenever you need.

Next, comes the full-sized seat that you get with it. The seat provides comfort when you need where you need it.

The flush of this portable tank is fast. It features “Dual Spray Jets” which provide the speed. Having these jets means that you can flush the waste with a “Spiral Down” technique. It prevents waste from spilling onto your clothes. You can have as many as 50 flushes with a “Full” water tank.

There is a sealed drain that traps waste and odor inside. You’ll not have nasty smells coming out at night.


  • Easy setup process.
  • Sturdy unit.
  • Easy to use and is convenient.
  • The seat height is comfortable and just right.


  • A bulky unit.
  • Reviewers have reported the lid to be flimsy.
Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Editor Rating:

This is the best portable toilet when you are dealing with tight space. One of the signature benefits of owning this portable toilet is that it weighs only 4.5lbs.

In addition to that, people can even fold it to a 5-inch object when it is not in use. When you open it up, it is about 14 inches in height.

The portable toilet uses a double doodie bag to hold all the waste. Yes, the bag makes the waste odorless. You’ll get a free double doodie bag with the package.

Despite being a small unit, it supports 330lbs of weight. The portable toilet supports this much weight with a sturdy “Leg Locking System” that provides stability when used in uneven terrains.


  • The seat is comfortable.
  • The doodie bag works well to hold waste in.
  • No odors from waste.
  • Compact unit with good price.


  • The legs are quite difficult to fold and unfold.

Final Verdict

For any newbie who’s just familiarizing himself/herself with portable toilets, this article will serve as a perfect guide.

Normally, the best portable toilet’s features vary with regards to the vehicle you are traveling with.

So, the ideal of “Best Portable Toilet” and its features will differ from person to person based on his/her trip’s nature, duration, transport vehicle type and the total number of people traveling there.

I advise you to take these things into account before jumping in and hitting the “Purchase” button.

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