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It is difficult to decide who will ascend to the throne of the toilets regarding performance, price, features and benefits. Many will have their own brand of choice. For me, Kohler presents itself a strong chance to occupy the toilet’s throne as it has some of the best toilets in its repertoire.

No, These Best Kohler Toilet Choices are not in the top chart of peoples’ choices just because of the bells and whistles or price or the lavishness. They are there because these things offer most stable performance and aesthetics depending on the price you are willing to pay.

Kohler outdoes itself regarding the quality. But why Kohler? What is different about the brand and which are these Best Kohler Toilet Candidates? For the answers, read this guide.

Why Am I Advocating in Favor of Best Kohler Toilets?

Over the years, Kohler has manufactured some of the top notch toilets. Kohler delivers when it comes to aesthetics and look of the toilet. The unique one-piece and two-piece toilets have their own benefits.

While the one-piece toilets are less prone to dirt and bacteria, the two-piece toilets can be taken apart for better maintenance.

Customers have flexibility when choosing the Best Kohler toilet for themselves as Kohler has something for everybody and for every budget range. You can focus on durability while letting go of few bells and whistles.

There are models which offer more of a balanced option regarding price and performance. Then there are models which are lavish and offer your bathroom all the convenience of a modern world with a certain price tag.

Kohler is a successful brand when it comes to flush technology and cleanliness. The Class V flush system and the AquaPiston Flush Technology offer thorough cleaning. Best Kohler Toilets are known for maintaining hygiene and odor-free toilet bowl thanks to these options.

Most important reason for me to advocate for Kohler is the WaterSense certification and ADA compliance. Kohler and TOTO are two brands that have got really well-made toilets that pass both the certifications.

A WaterSense certified Kohler Toilet can save you 16,500 gallons of water yearly. Plus, these the best Kohler toilets are very much safe for the elderly, children and the people with disabilities to use.

Recommended Best Kohler Toilets

Kohler K-3577-0 Wellworth Classic 1.28 gpf Round-Front Toilet

Editor Rating:

Kohler K-3577-0 is among my list of Best Kohler toilet choices for a reason.

It is your budget-friendly option into Kohler franchise.

The toilet balances performance with the price aspect perfectly.

This two-piece toilet features a round bowl and minimum lines/curves to minimize dirt accumulation. As a result, it requires less maintenance while providing great service in terms of its features.

The Class V flush system provides the toilet with tremendous flushing speed. The round toilet bowl allows the water to cover every corner of the toilet and clean the dirt comprehensively.

The flush is operated with the push of a trip lever. One touch flush saves you 16500 gallons of water each year.

I love the fact that this toilet spends 1.28 gallons of water with each flush. This is undoubtedly the best when it comes to price vs. performance.


  • Budget-friendly toilet.
  • Saves 16500 gallons of water per year.
  • Two piece toilet; seat and tank can be replaced at will.
  • Canister flushing action provides smooth one-touch flush.


  • Not ADA compliant.
  • The seat doesn’t come with the toilet.
KOHLER K-3988-0 Wellworth Two-Piece Elongated Dual-Flush Toilet

Editor Rating:

I am still with Wellworth as we discuss the next best Kohler toilet option. This one is an elongated toilet providing you about 2-inch more space when you sit on the toilet.

The two-piece toilet allows you to replace the bowl, seat or the flush tank whenever you want.

The feature that interests me is the “Dual Flush” system of this toilet. One of these flushes sends out 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The another one sends out 1.1 gallons. The flushes can be activated with a lever.

The 1.6-gallon flush system saves 20% water annually to help you save some bucks. The 1.1-gallon flush contributes by saving 30% more water than its counterpart. The dual flush system increases the overall percentage of water saved.

How much additional water is saved? Well, that will make 4000 gallons of water on top of the standard 16500 gallons per year.


  • Standard two-piece toilet from Kohler.
  • Budget-friendly option to have.
  • Dual Flush technology saves additional water than normal.
  • Dual flushes are operated by one single lever.


  • Not ADA compliant.
  • Arrives without the seat.
KOHLER K-3609-0

Editor Rating:

Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height K-3609-0 toilet is one of the mid-range best Kohler toilets available.

It has a considerably larger array of features than the two predecessors on my list.

To start things off, it is an elongated toilet that offers more space to the user to sit and use the toilet comfortably. The second point is the two-piece construction.

Despite being the two-piece toilet, it has lesser curves and lines. Thus, it accommodates lesser dirt and debris along those lines.

The canister design conceals the seal material and allows your toilet to be on the safe side from leakage and water drippings. You are 90% safer when compared to the 3-inch flapper.

Flush system for K-3609-0 depends on AquaPiston technology. This technique allows the user to flush efficiently as water runs down from 360-degree angle covering the entire toilet bowl. As a result, the whole toilet bowl is cleaned with less water and more flush force.


  • Sturdy design; contributes to keeping the toilet clean.
  • AquaPiston Flush technology depends on water pressure.
  • 360-degree water flow clears all the dirt without leaving any stains.
  • Canister design prevents leaking.


  • This comfort height toilet seat is positioned too low according to many of the users.
KOHLER K-3887-0

Editor Rating:

When we are discussing Best Kohler Toilet candidates, another Cimarron K-3887-0 Round Toilet makes its way onto the list. Yes, this toilet has a rounded bowl as the name implies.

Despite the rounded shape, getting on and off the toilet seat is easy for the elderly and adults alike thanks to the “Comfort Height” seat.

Another plus for the K-3887-0 is that it is WaterSense certified. This certificate means the toilet saves at least 20% more water than your average 16-gallon toilets. That means you are saving on a huge sum of money.

The flush technology has a large part to play in this act. The AquaPiston technology allows this Kohler toilet to flush efficiently using less water than its counterparts.

Kohler K-3887-0 discards water from the tank and onto the bowl from 360-degree radius with great force. This water pressure cleans all the solid and liquid dirt on the bowl.

The canister for this toilet is durable. It covers up 90% of the seal to keep the toilet leak-free.


  • K-3887-0 has WaterSense certification.
  • Comes with a comfortable seat height.
  • Angle of the flush causes it to release less water and clean more dirt.
  • Has a softclose seat cover.


  • Not for small bathrooms.
KOHLER K-3816-0

Editor Rating:

This comfort height toilet has the seat height similar to a standard chair. Anyone can enter and exit the toilet comfortably.

This elongated toilet comes with 12-inch rough in. So, you can install this toilet with your standard tools and fittings without any problem.

In fact, the toilet requires a 3-bolt installation. To save on time, the tank of this two-piece toilet comes pre-installed. You just need to screw the bolts to the floor and the side to complete the process.

The flush system utilizes Class V flush. It discards waste while keeping the water consumption low. In fact, this memoires toilet boasts of highest waste removal capacity in its price range.

One thing which impressed me about K-3816-0 Memoirs Two-piece toilet and compelled me to keep it in my Best Kohler toilet list is the cleanliness of the bowl. Thanks to the flush system, the toilet bowl remains clean for longer without maintenance.


  • Comfort height of the seat allows easy using.
  • Elongated bowl grants you extra room for comfort.
  • The Class V flush system delivers top notch waste cleaning performance.
  • Installing this thing is a breeze.


  • Doesn’t include a seat.

Final Verdict

Kohler is a diverse brand of bathroom commodities. The toilets of various Kohler series are top notch within their own right. Each of these toilets have different applications, different demands and different set of benefits. I suggest you do your research thoroughly by reading some of the Kohler Toilet Reviews.

These reviews will help you in getting a better grip and knowledge about what these toilets are capable of and what to expect from some of the best Kohler Toilets available. It is always good to know what you are dealing with. Specially, when you are setting your eyes on something for purchase.

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