Best Bidet Toilet Seats – Guide & Reviews

You might not realize it, but Bidets have been around for years. Once bidets were considered helpful tools to ensure hygiene and quality contraception process. Bidet Toilet Seats were popular among men and women.

But then the toilet papers came. What once was the best bidet toilet seat, soon became an item for luxury.

But then again, bidets are still helpful for people with discomforts and diseases. They can defecate without having to worry about cleanliness and hygiene. Even the pregnant ladies are finding bidets much helpful.

So, how would you know which bidet toilet seat to choose? How would you choose one? What are the best bidet toilet seat options to begin with? This guide is set to answer all your queries one by one.

How to Choose the Best Bidet Toilet Seat?

There are several reasons why a person might buy a bidet toilet seat. Whatever the reason may be, you need to know how to select the best one for your toilet. Let us look at few factors you need to keep in mind before putting the tick mark beside a bidet toilet seat.

Choose between electric and non-electric bidet toilet seats. The electric bidet toilet seats have options of hot and cold water, temperature control, water pressure control, etc. The non-electric ones don’t have the options of hot and cold water.

Some bidet toilet seats come with detachable basin. If you have a single unit toilet, there are bidets and toilet seats that are compatible with your kind of toilet too. There are some seats which go well with both detachable basins and single unit toilets.

If you want an affordable bidet toilet seat, choose the ones that are made of plastic. These are sturdy and at the same time, affordable than their steel counterparts.

Always go for stainless steel when choosing a nozzle or wand type bidet toilet seat. Best bidet toilet seat is that one which is easy to clean and lasts longer than its competitors. Stainless-steel bidets do a good job at staying true to the test of time.

The ergonomic seat makes the best bidet toilet seat out of the lot. The seat ensures your body (especially back and lower half of your body) stays contoured and you feel comfortable while sitting on the toilet seat.

Choose the best bidet toilet seat that washes both your posterior and interior. While some people only go for one side, you’ll be doing well to go for both as hygiene is a major factor here. Dual nozzle bidet toilet seat is obviously the better choice.

But be weary of the fact that nozzles need to be repositioned either automatically or manually after each use.

Best Bidet Toilet Seats Recommendations

Here are my bidet toilet seat recommendations for you. By no means, these are the ONLY bidet toilet seats available. Rather, these should provide you the perfect stepping stone to kick-start your own research.

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat

Editor Rating:

Speaking of Bidet Toilet Seat, non-electric ones are the best if you ask me. Astor Bidet Fresh Water spray is one such commodity that adjusts with any toilet seat you may have.

This bidet is earth-friendly and delivers you powerful cleaning feeling.

Installing this thing is easy. You’ll need a screwdriver and 10 – 20 minutes of your time.

The sprayer doesn’t use electricity or any particular part for that matter. Astor Bidet Sprayer works with just the water pressure. This is much more hygienic than the conventional toilet papers.

The bidet toilet seat comes with a regulator. This regulator lets you control the pressure level of the water you are using. When not in use, the nozzles of this bidet retract. This enables you to save water and contribute to environment betterment.


  • Performance is reasonable.
  • Affordable price.
  • 1-year warranty really helps.
  • Durable product; maintains hygiene.


  • Installation is not so easy according to many reviewers.
  • Controlling the water pressure needs some practice.
Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat

Editor Rating:

This bidet toilet seat comes with heaps of features as well. For starters, you can expect ambient water temperature from the spray.

Ellegantz GenieBidet Seat has slight differences regarding an elongated toilet and round bowl toilet.

You can adjust the water flow if and only if you use elongated toilet bowls.

It comes with dual nozzles that come out and retract at the touch of one button. These nozzles have different tasks. For example, one nozzle specifically cleanses the rear end. If you are a girl, the other nozzle cleans the feminine part of your body. These nozzles are self-cleaning.

Low profile design of this bidet toilet seat keeps it simple. The 90-degree hose allows you a clean and worry-free installation. For the round toilet bowls, fittings for the soft close seats are provided. You’ll also get a chrome “T-Shape” adapter On/Off valve that helps to regulate the bidet seat attachment.


  • Easy installation process.
  • Well-made and sturdy product.
  • It has a strong water pressure.
  • GenieBidet comes with its own water supply host.


  • The hose is too long for some people.
  • The water spray has a wide angle that causes water to come to the front end instead of going up for the female part.
Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle

Editor Rating:

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is perhaps the most famous bidet toilet seat attachment out on the market. This being a “Single Nozzle” bidet attachment is a downer for some.

But saying that, this model from Luxe features intricate chrome plated design that will surely attract users.

Control panel for this bidet toilet seat attachment is pretty straightforward and well defined. You have two knobs on the panel. One knob is used to control the water pressure. And the other to control the nozzle. Thanks to the ease of use, controls can be operated by children and the elderly alike.

The single nozzle usually is housed within a nozzle guard that safeguards the little piece against shocks and any other accidents. When in use, the nozzle guard opens up and grants access to the nozzle. The bidet keeps this nozzle clean and ready for use all the time.

However, this bidet has a separate section dedicated to cleaning the nozzle. This section rinses the nozzle with water and rids it of any impurities. All you have to do is to turn the second knob on the control panel from “Wash” to “Nozzle Cleaning.”


  • Affordable Bidet.
  • Goes well with any toilet you choose.
  • Perfect nozzle alignment.
  • Installation is easy; everything is included.
  • Cleaning this is a breeze


  • Installation takes time.
  • Comes with sensitive pressure knob.
BioBidet ELITE3 Dual Nozzle Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat

Editor Rating:

BioBidet ELITE3 is the third candidate for best bidet toilet seat on this list. BioBidet ELITE3 comes with a universal design.

This design can fit into any size or shape of toilet you find. There are dual nozzles in this bidet.

There are two different knobs to control this bidet toilet seat attachment. While one knob controls varying levels of pressure, the other one does the job of selecting between two nozzles. These nozzles are replaceable too.

These dual nozzles allow men to do posterior and the women to conduct feminine washes. You can clean your front and rear parts without any trouble. The ABS parts and the silver brass allow the nozzles be self-cleaning.

Despite all these intricate parts, BioBidet ELITE3 comes at an affordable price. It also comes with 1-year warranty.


  • Fast installation process.
  • The bidet toilet seat attachment is easy to use.
  • Affordable tool.


  • The tool has leaking problems according to reviewers.
Hibbent Elongated OB106 Non Electric Toilet Bidet Seat

Editor Rating:

As we come to the last recommendation on our list of Best Bidet Toilet Seat, I have an elongated bidet toilet seat to recommend.

You can use Hibbent OB106 bidet attachment with any toilet bidet seat that you choose. It is completely safe and doesn’t use electricity.

You can wash front and rear part of your body thanks to this bidet toilet seat attachment. To make things interesting, there are dual nozzles at work here, and both the nozzles can wash front and rear part of your lower half separately.

The best thing about this bidet toilet seat is that it comes with a soft close and silent seat cover. It allows the bidet to be quiet when in operation. To ensure that you have a quieter bathroom, you can tamper with the flush volume and adjust it accordingly.


  • One can easily install the seat.
  • Has a powerful spray that helps to clean.
  • Stylish seat.
  • Soft close system closes the seat automatically.


  • Thin plastic-made seat.
  • Small hole in seat poses problems in toilet.
  • Often the covers fall back by themselves and the seat closes automatically.

Final Remarks

Bidet toilet seats can completely change the way you defecate. These are easy to install in any kind of bathroom you can think of. Also, these things are equally easy to use.

The thing is, you won’t have to chop and change the entire bathroom to set this up. You can even remove the bidet seat if you don’t need it anymore.

One thing people complain about is the controls of bidet toilet seats. In truth, they are pretty easy to master after you use the seat for a couple of days.

Depending upon which seat you choose, you can control the water temperature, the pressure, and even the seat’s warmth. Best bidet toilet seat short reviews are especially helpful for people who have trouble moving or any physical illness that impacts defecation.

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